Oxfam - In My Name

Mel B is participating in this campaign which will harness the best of interactive technology and popular culture to engage ordinary people around the world in the fight to end poverty. Today, there are more than 850 million people living in hunger, and more than 1 billion people living on less than one dollar per day. In the year 2000 leaders from around the world promised to halve poverty by 2015. IN MY NAME is a unique new global campaign action that uses the latest interactive technology to challenge citizens to make their own pledges, and to hold their leaders to account for their poverty promises. The Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP), supported by Oxfam, Save the Children and Comic Relief, launched In My Name in front of the UN on 25th September at the same moment as world leaders began their emergency summit.

For more information visit Oxfam - In My Name

Pose for the Cure

Mel B has joined Kraft foods and Jell-O to support the fight against breast cancer. Mel’s helping to raise at least 250K to donate to Susan G. Komen’s Pose for the Cure campaign. Fashion is one of her biggest passions, and this campaign enables her to apply that passion to a good cause. She has designed a pink ribbon T-shirt that is available for purchase. People can also bid on exclusive collection of pink clothing from designers like Tory Burch and Nicole Miller…OR they can also bid on pieces that Mel is donating from her own closet.

For more information visit Poseforthecure.org

Clic Sargent

This is a program in the UK that offers clinical, financial and health support to Children with Cancer. Mel is partnering with this program and eBay and has donated every single item in her UK home (from the piano to furniture..to the smallest piece of clothing) to be auctioned off on eBay and MelBSale.com. She’s also donating most of the clothing that she wore on the spice girls tour.

For more information visit Clic Sargent or Melbsale.com

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